Check out Zari Hassan’s New Looks Without Dental Braces

For over three years, Zari Hassan aka Zari the Boss lady has been wearing teeth braces but now after finally removing them, she has confidently smiled, pushed up her bossoms and bragged while bagging millions of cash on a new deal. Zari Hassan looks without dental braces is almost the same as when she wears it.

The socialite revealed that she faced criticism when she started wearing dental braces years ago and haters told her she was too old for it. She also made fun of them saying that people who mocked her were so illiterate and clueless.

Before getting engaged to Diamond, Zari was married to the late Ugandan tycoon Ivan Don’t whom they sired 3 kids together. Zari is a very beautiful woman. However she doesn’t love posting pictures that show off her teeth.

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In one of her Instagram Stories Zari revealed that she had put dental braces on her teeth. Today Zari has taken it to Instagram to celebrate herself. This is after she has completed 3 years with braces. Zari Hassan looks without dental braces is as beautiful as with the braces.

she has learnt to smile when she is old.

Zari wrote:

” When I started wearing my braces about three years ago, it seemed like forever that I will not be able to achieve my goal. Look at me now. Lessons to learn are; It’s never too late to get that degree. Its never too late to get that house or car even at 65.

It’s never too late to do the things you have always wanted to do just because the public or your family has an opinion. Go at your own pace and you will get there.”

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