Family to Fallen Black American Man George Floyd Wants The World to Know This About Him

George Floyd was a pornstar.

The death of George Floyd has sparked protests across US, with demonstrators desperately calling for an end to Police Violence

Mr Floyd was an unarmed black man who died after a Minneapolis police officer knelled on his neck for more than eight minutes as he told them “I can’t breathe”.

He moved to Minneapolis after being released from prison and was known as a “gentle giant” who was trying to turn his life around.

The 46-year-old was born in North Carolina and lived in Houston, Texas, when he was younger but moved to Minneapolis several years ago to find work, according to his lifelong friend, Christopher Harris.

Close friends also reveal that Floyd was in the infamous porn industry and while there he bonked over 50 beautiful babes.

He was known to loved ones as “Big Floyd” and was the father to a six-year-old daughter who lives in Houston with her mother, Roxie Washington.

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