Micho benz says his next release ‘’AMARI KEKEN’’ is probably the hottest love song of the year 2020

Is the year 2020 over yet? Nah really. Not before Micho Benz released the song he calls the hottest love song of the year. The ‘Mar Plus Raa’ singer confirms this announcement through his official PR Van Marcus that the song in question is set for release as soon as late this month.

According to Marcus, the song (details undisclosed) is one of the projects that has been produced way back in 2019 and kept in the Tupperware awaiting planned releases this year.

Micho benz told our reporter that he did his best on the when asked to say something about the song via Facebook messenger.

‘’I did my best man, the song is one of the music I made that am so proud of and I can’t wait to put it out there for y’all feel the vibe. It’s a great track; I don’t want to blow my own trumpet. I want everyone to look out for the jam the day it drops’’, Micho wrote.

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However, he declined to point out the exact date when the song is going to be released. ‘’be ready this month it’s going to be out’’, he added.

As far as our reporter could dig, Amari Keken is a beautiful love song with catchy lyrics and great composition sang entirely in Acholi.

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